The ancient Egyptians had left to us the healthiest recipe in the world. It is the healthiest recipe in the world for the following reasons:

1- It uses absolutely no fats, and the fat present in this recipe’s type of meat offers you % 5 of your daily needs of calories,% 18 of your daily fat intake, and % 22 of total daily intake of saturated fats.

2- It uses no frying, thus avoiding heat induced trans-fats.

3- It uses no direct flame for grilling meat, thus avoiding carcinogens formed during barbecuing meat.

4- Although it is a big protein meal, it affords you only %6 of your carbohydrates daily intake, %15 of your total moderate Calorie intake( 255 Calories/day), and % 59 of cholesterol daily intake.

5- It is optimal meal for diabetics, as it offers them high nutritive value and at the same time it lowers their blood sugar, thus leaving a room for many other meals through the day.

6- It offers dieting people a great advantage over any other meal, that is, its marvelous taste, so that they do not trade pain gain for weight loss.

7- it is easily digested by all people categories, moreover, it offers them %10 of their daily needs of dietary fibers.

8- The standard recipe is so simple, so that it can be widely diversified to meet different taste preferences or specific health needs.

Over time, the subsequent generations made their fine touches yet the basic formula still the same. As the Mediterranean tradition, we used to eat it with bread or rice, it tastes unevenly. We follow it with wonderful black tea.

Too good to be true? you judge for yourself and here is the recipe:

– 1/2 kg veal steak.

– 1/2 kg Onions ( 5-6 medium sized onions).

– 1/2 black pepper ( ground).

You can add 1-2 Potatoes and if you prefer hot chilies, add 1 fruit.

1- Cut the meat into small pieces after removing any fat associating it,and cut the onions ( and Potatoes if you incorporated it) into slices.

2- Put the plant(s) into one layer in the bottom of a pan, and put the meat over this layer, if you doubled the amounts, make many successive layers in this sequence.

3- Distribute the black pepper together with v. little salt on the surface.

4- Cover the pan with an Aluminum or copper sheet(foil) and then put the cover of the pan over this sheet. Put an Iron weight over the cover.

5- Put the pan on a medium flame in your gas stove for 10-12 minutes (Do not overcook).

6- Put the pan on the least flame you can get from your stove ( the small flame is just illuminating).

7- Leave it for 90-120 minutes ( after 90 minutes you can begin checking it using a spoon, but take care, every thing is very hot, wear your gloves).

This is sufficient for 3 servings, but do not eat too much if you have esophageal reflux. The calculations are made on the inclusion of the first 3 ingredients.

Enjoy your family.

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